Frey Family You Raised $39,314.86!!

Frey family, you raised an astounding $39,314.86! Whoa! Thank you for your generous donations and continued support! We are honored to be a part of such an amazing community!
Prizes distributions will begin Monday, April 19th. Drawing winners have been announced and were sent home with students on Friday, April 1st.

stemtastic campaign 2021

Our annual STEMtastic Campaign is approaching and the Frey Foundation needs your continued support!! 100% of your donation stays at Frey! The following items are on Frey’s Wish List:
– 30 Desktop Computers
– STEM Grants for Frey Teachers
– STEM and Math Lab Supplies
– Computer Software and so much more!
Please donate via Paypal or Check today!! Thank you!

stemtastic adventures 2021

STEMtastic Adventures is taking place this year in lieu of our 9th Annual STEM Night. This year our STEM activities are in the form of an ALL virtual adventure and will take place from March 15-26.
There are 9 activities to choose from… Have fun learning and exploring!
1. First, choose at least 5 or more STEMtastic Adventure activities to complete.
2. Next, explore and post the evidence of your finished activities on Flipgrid.
3. Last…

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