Letter from Mrs. Johnson

Dear Parents and Students,

Welcome Frey Flames to another STEMtastic year in the STEM Lab! I am very excited to be back in the lab again for 2016-17. Thanks to your wonderful support with the STEMtastic Campaign, I will now be working 4 days a week (Tuesday – Friday). This will allow all K-5th classes to visit the lab approximately once a month throughout the year for a 50 – 80 minute session, beginning the week of August 16.

Last week your child had the opportunity to take a tour of the STEM Lab and was introduced to some of my STEM helpers including Mr. Bones and Leonardo the Turtle. Students were also shown how to AIM HIGH in the STEM Lab by discussing student behavior and lab safety expectations, along with visitation procedures to prepare them for their future class experiences this year.

As the STEM teacher for your child, I believe my role is very similar to the actual function of the “stem” of a plant – to offer support and provide a path for nutrients – for both your child and your child’s classroom teacher. In today’s society, concepts and skills in the areas of Science, Technology, Engineering, and Mathematics are becoming “nutrients” your child will require in their education. My role is to provide them with supporting, hands on activities and experiences to help reinforce and enrich the standards necessary for students to succeed. I will also include a path for opportunities in problem solving, creativity, and critical thinking for these necessary nutrients as well.

I nicknamed the STEM Lab “SCI FReY” when I first began teaching here at Frey, for two reasons: 1) I thought it just looked pretty NEAT using the chemical symbols from the elements on the Periodic Table of Elements. 2) It sounds very similar to Sci-Fi as in Science Fiction, where in this genre of movies and books ideas of science and technology are used to tell stories in a fun, exciting, and fictional way. My goal for the STEM program here at Frey is to continue to introduce and integrate ideas of Science, Technology, Engineering, and Mathematics in a fun and exciting approach. Frey Elementary is REAL to our students right now, and I want to continue to make real life – nonfiction connections for our students to prepare them to be successful now and in the future.

Thank you in advance for your support this year to continue to build a STEMtastic program here at Frey Elementary. Attached you will find an updated supply list for possible donations for the STEM lab, I will continue to update this list as needed throughout the year. Please feel free to contact me with any questions or concerns throughout the year! Also, please make sure you check the Frey Foundation website often for additional information and opportunities for supporting the STEM program and anything STEM at Frey!

Allison Johnson
Email: Melissa.Johnson3@cobbk12.org

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Before joining the Frey Faculty, I had the privilege of teaching many students at Frey through the After School Clubs Program with the Imagine That Fun and Future Tech Company. It gave me ahead start getting to know many students and parents. Since 2013, I have been an instructor for several courses including TechnoScience for grades K-2, the Science portion of the TechnoScience for grades 3-5, and Aerospace Engineering. This year I will continue to teach some of the After School Club courses offered through Imagine That.

I received my undergraduate degree in Middle Grades Education in the content areas of Mathematics and Social Studies from Georgia Southern University. After teaching six years at North Clayton Middle School, in College Park, Georgia, I earned the Science Content area to my certification after realizing my enjoyment and interest of various areas of science through teaching students.

Currently, I live in Kennesaw with my husband, Richard, and two sons, Andrew and Ethan. My husband and I met playing soccer and became a soccer family with our boys showing the same love for the sport either playing or watching various teams. Outside of school we are usually on the soccer field supporting our boys on the sidelines!


Stem/Science Lab Donations

A HUGE THANK YOU to all the families who have already donated supplies this year!!!

Below is a list of items that we could use for activities, projects, and experiments this year that I would like to begin collecting. Many of these are items are inexpensive or free! Students can bring any donations to the STEM/Science Lab (Room 151) in the mornings or give to their classroom teachers to bring to me (please label STEM Lab). Thank you in advance!

LEGOS (new or used from any sets)
LEGO Base Plates (Green, Blue, or Tan)
HAND SANITIZER (We use this after each visit!!)
CARDSTOCK PAPER (white or colored is great also)
TRANSPARENT TAPE (already attached to the dispenser)
SHOE BOXES (any size)
CARDBORD TUBES (Empty Paper towel or Wrapping Paper Rolls – I do not need toilet paper rolls at this time)
PIPE CLEANERS (any color)
K’nex, Trio, MEGA or Duplo building blocks
FOOD COLORING (Primary or Neons)
PACKS OF INDEX CARDS (lined or unlined – 100 count)
CLEAR ELMER’s GLUE – I find this at Walmart and we will use this for a 5th Grade Activity

I will continue to update this list throughout the year! Thank you for your support!