STEM imageFrey Foundation is a non-profit 501(3)(c) organization, established in 2009 to provide STEM related resources to promote collaborative, innovative, creative hands-on learning that promote communication and critical thinking skills for students in addition to supporting Frey Elementary’s vision of becoming a STEM Certified school.

Did you know the same year the Summer Olympics were hosted in Atlanta, Frey Elementary School opened its doors with he generous support from the Acworth Community?  As the torch was carried throughout Georgia, the flame was ignited at Frey Elementary, hence, we are the Frey Flames.  As education evolved and gaps were seen in science-based fields, a necessity arose to form a Foundation that would help fund resources to help close the STEM gap and bring more STEM resources to students.

For the first four years, the Foundation supplied a technology teacher as a specials rotation for all students at Frey Elementary.  As our Frey families recognized the importance of STEM and increased donations, the Foundation was able to supply a STEM teacher, STEM Lab, technology for the school, iPads and laptops carts, and in-house science presentations.

In 2022, we are transitioning from all things STEM to full STEAM ahead!

Past and future acquisitions would not be possible without the continued generosity of our Frey families and community.