Frey Learning Commons


Congratulations to Mrs. Sherman and Mrs. Frey for transitioning Frey Elementary’s Media Center into a 21st Century Learning Commons.  The transition started in Fall 2015 and has come to fruition!  On March 19, 2019, Mrs. Sherman and Mrs. Frey were awarded with their Library Learning Commons Certification from Cobb County.  A Library Learning Commons is the hub of the school.  It’s a place where students want to spend time.  Students can find a book, learn how to be an effective researcher, work collaboratively with peers, create videos to articulate their learning, explore the engineering cycle in the Makerspace, and so much more…the possibilities are endless!  A lot of great work was put into preparing for this transition.  For more information on what’s happening in Frey’s Learning Commons, check out Mrs. Ashley Sherman’s blog.